UST Magnesium Fire Starter Bar

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The UST MagBar Fire Starter Bar reliably starts hundreds of fires. The UST MagBar Magnesium Flint Strike Bar is a solid magnesium block with a convenient striker blade attached. The UST MagBar Magnesium Fire Starter Bar w/ Keychain includes a key chain and a striker.

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Specifications for UST Magnesium Fire Starter Bar:

Additional Features: Shaver/striker included
Color: Gray
Weight: 1.8 oz
Length: 3.1 in
Overall Length: 2.88 in

Features of UST MagBar Magnesium Fire Starter Bar:

  • Integral flint strike bar
  • Key chain and striker included
  • 2-Year Limited Warranty

1-UST Magnesium Fire Starter Bar

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Kelton - Add Reply

So it is a good piece of kit to start a fire, I would recommend scraping a lot of magnesium into your tinder before sparking up to ensure a light. Once the metal begins to burn it goes strong and it should not be to difficult to start a fire with. It takes time to use but if you are like me you probably have 5 other fire starters in your bag just to be sure you can get heat when you have to it will do it. As with all of these things I recommend trying it before using it for real so you know what you are doing and not fumbling in the woods when you are cold or in the dark that is not the time to learn.

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