Zippo Water-Resistant Tinder Shreds

Before you can roast some weenies by the campfire, you need to ignite the flames. Zippo Water-Resistant Tinder Shreds are one of the quickest and simplest fire starting solutions available. This Fire Starters by Zippo contain a water-resistant paraffin wax coating to guarantee you a light and heat source for your outdoor excursions. Plus, these Zippo 2in Tinder Shreds will burn up to 8 min each and use all-natural pine tinder. Stop struggling to start a fire like cavemen, and get instant flames with these Zippo Natural Tinder Shreds.

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Specifications for Zippo Water-Resistant Tinder Shreds:

Additional Features: Natural Shredded Pine, Burns Up to 8 Minutes, Water-resistant Paraffin Wax Coating, Ignites with Spark or Flame, Resealable Package
Weight: 0.03 oz

Features of Zippo Water-Resistant Tinder Shreds:

  • Ten 2in natural shredded pine tinder shreds
  • Burns up to 8 minutes each
  • Water-resistant paraffin wax coating
  • Ignites with spark or flame
  • Resealable package

1-Zippo Water-Resistant Tinder Shreds

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Roman - Add Reply

These little fire starters work as expected. They are easy to light, and stay lit for several minutes. My only complaint is that these were ordered as a “filler” to get my Optics Planet order up to the free shipping amount. The item kept getting delayed, and I received no notifications from Optics Planet. The important items in my order were also delayed as a result. After repeated changes in the shipping date, I contacted CS through the live chat line, and got a snippy remark from one of the CS reps. I was eventually able to get them to ship my main order while these firestarters were delayed. This was my first bad experience with Optics Planet.

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