Maxpedition DMW Dual Mag Wrap

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The DMW Dual Mag Wrap has a hook & loop back and can attach to any loop field on Maxpedition bags. It will fit two (2) magazines from a wide range of handgun sizes. It can also be used to hold flashlights, tools, etc. How to use the DMW Dual Mag Wrap: To use the Dual Mag Wrap, open the flaps and lay flat. The Maxpedition logo should be facing up in the correct reading position. Place the magazine under the flap as close to the middle seam as possible. Wrap the flap around the magazine, and secure using the hook & loop on the back. Place the magazine wrap into a CCW compartment, or any other compartment with hook & loop, and press firmly to secure.

92.5 /100
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  • Performance


  • Value for money


  • Feature


Specifications for Maxpedition DMW Dual Mag Wrap:

Color: Gray
Handle Material: Nylon

Features of Maxpedition DMW Dual Mag Wrap:

  • Nonslip TPU-840D nylon composite
  • Hook and loop for secure attachment
  • Reinforced with double stitching throughout
  • Rigid base to prevent sagging
  • Holds two handgun magazines
  • tools
  • or flashlights

1-Maxpedition DMW Dual Mag Wrap

  • PROS
  • stable platform for magazines
  • good for larger magazines
  • CONS
  • prefer black color
  • may not hold single stack rimfire magazines well

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Charles - Add Reply

I have several different kinds of pistols using different kinds of magazines (single and double stack, centerfire and rimfire magazines). I also have several Maxpedition backpacks and bags. I try to buy items that can be used with the widest spectrum of weapons. These magazine "pouches" (they more like "loops" than pouches) are adjustable for different size magazines. The best use is for double stack centerfire magazines. Even at the tightest constriction, though, these may not be tight enough for single stack rimfire magazines, such as .22LR Ruger Mark I-IV magazines. It might be ok if your single stack rimfire magazines have a large aftermarket base pad or bumper; the "ledge" of the larger base pads would make the magazines less likely to drop all the way through. This is assuming, of course, that the pouch isn't turned upside down or jostled. For mounting, you just need a hook/loop panel - these adhere to other Maxpedition hook/loop panels built into their backpacks, if you have them. I'm sure you'll have similar results with other hook/loop panels not made by Maxepedition. Only thing I would request to change on this items is the color - these only come in one color, gray, and I would prefer an option for black. Purely aesthetic.

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