CamelBak Cold Weather Gloves - Black

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Camelbak Cold Weather Gloves (Black) are excellent work gloves for colder conditions. This Camelbak glove is designed to provide maximum dexterity. The Camelback Cold Weather Glove features a seamless textured palm, Thinsulate lining and neoprene-padded thumb and knuckles. The Extreme Cold Weather Glove from CamelBak is designed for colder climate work, and is an especially good glove for mechanic's work. Camelbak Cold-Weather Gloves are available in sizes from Extra Small to Extra Large.

    Available sizes of Camel-back Black All-Weather Gloves:
  • CW05-08: Camelback Cold Weather Gloves, Black - S
  • CW05-09: Camel Bak Cold Weather Gloves, Black - M
  • CW05-10: Camel Back Cold Weather Gloves, Black - L
  • CW05-11: Camelback Cold Weather Gloves, Black - XL
  • CW05-12: Camelbak Cold Weather Gloves, Black - XXL

CamelBak makes government and military gloves designed for hard use in all conditions. All-weather gloves from Camelbak cover a range of conditions in the field. Camelbak makes tactical gloves and assault gloves for any operation, from elite commando and SWAT teams to everyday infantry use, and flexible work gloves for any climate. From the heat of the desert to frozen mountain and tundra, Camelbak Duty Gloves can handle it all. We carry a big selection of Camelbak gear, including Camelback Gloves and Camelbak Hydration Systems, all backed by our usual high-quality customer service as well as our guarantee of 100% customer satisfaction!

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Specifications for CamelBak Cold Weather Gloves - Black:

Gender: Male
Color: Black
Water Resistance Level: Waterproof
Uniform Type: Mechanic Work
Weather Resistance: Cold Weather
Fastener/Closure Type: Hook & loop
Adjustability: Adjustable closure
Uniform: Yes

Features of Camelback Cold Weather Warm Winter Gloves:

  • SNAP: Soft Neoprene Absorption Pad for sweat / snot
  • Abrasion-resistant, water- and perspiration-resistant leather palm
  • Extra grip and durability in palm and fingers in both wet and dry conditions
  • Digitally textured leather palm
  • Extra sensitivity for index finger; lining only up to first knuckle - ideal winter work glove
  • Neoprene padding in thumb and knuckles for extra flexibility
  • Lined with Thinsulate Bemberg; for warmth without bulk
  • Concealed interior seam stitching enhances durability especially around vulnerable fingertips
  • Protects from abuse such as cold, abrasion and impact
  • Thinsulate is a registered trademark of 3M Corporation

1-CamelBak Cold Weather Gloves - Black

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Brad - Add Reply

These gloves work to bridge the gap between warm and flexible. I first encountered them as issued items in an open environment here in Nebraska winters where cold and windy go hand in glove. See what I did there? The neoprene serves to be warm, flexible and water repellant, while the synthetic leather palm helps to provide grip even in crappy wet conditions meaning you can still make a fist or fish for and use your keys. The downside of the neoprene in the knuckle are is that it does little to protect them other than a little padding, so no, they are not going to make you Rocky. Are they going to keep your hands toasty warm? Not unless you make it a part of dressing for the weather... but they do what they are supposed to - serve as a barrier between you and the elements. I mentioned flexibility; yeah, I was able to access and manipulate my service weapon as well as do other cop things, without sacrificing a whole lot of "feel". No you can't use your smart phone with them, but chances are if you're wearing these you're not some hipster surfing for that vintage bootleg album. The hook and loop closure at the cuff helps to keep the glove snug and keep debris and other (family friendly) cr@p out, while the 550 cord stitched into the cuff makes for a handy way to pull your gloves on I think this is more notional rather than functional as I heard a stitch pop when trying to pull them on for the first time (remember they do need a touch of break in time). My only gripe is the stitc... Read More...

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Rickey - Add Reply

These are not ski gloves. They are, however much warmer than tactical or search gloves with hardly any extra bulk. I can change magazines and other tasks with them on. So far they are wearing well.

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Rocio - Add Reply

Excellent cold weather wet use gloves. Used alot of gloves and these simple rock. Order a size smaller however but other then that they are well worth it. Pros: Excellent all over Cons: fit is a bit loose

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Ken - Add Reply

These are very good gloves and allow good dexterity and grip through the glove. They do run very small. I ordered a medium as I have small to medium sized hands and was told to order one size larger. I wish I would have gotten the large to leave a little extra wiggle room because they are too tight. Pros: Warm, durable, well made Cons: Run very small

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Rasheed - Add Reply

These are good gloves; however, when a seam fails... and you purchased these gloves specifically for cold weather wear... it's frustrating. Fortunately, CamelBak has a lifetime warranty that includes manufacturing defects (like seam failures). I would recommend these gloves as long as you are not planning on wearing them in wet or freezing conditions. Pros: Lifetime warranty. Cons: Seam failure.

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Boris - Add Reply

At or near freezing, they work well, stayed warm, good fit, high dex, good grip. As the temp nears 0, their functionality Drops. At 7 degrees, my fingers started burning from the cold. Dex and grip seemed to stay good, but when your hands are cold, it's hard to judge such things. They look good and are reasonably easy on and off.

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