CamelBak Magnum Force MP3 Gloves - Black

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Camelbak Magnum Force MP3 Gloves are rugged combat glove that feature hard knuckle protection reinforced with KEVLAR® for ultimate protection. This Camelbak glove has a reinforced palm pad and grip for maximum grip. The Camelback Magnum Force Glove has tacky fingertips and thumb for extra grip and finger control. This tactical glove from CamelBak is made for applications including close quarter battle (CQB), Military Operation on Urban Terrain (MOUT), and extremely rough conditions, as well as any duties that require supreme knuckle protection.

CamelBak makes tactical and military gloves designed for hard use in all conditions. All weather gloves from Camelbak cover a range of conditions in the field. Camelbak makes tactical gloves and assault gloves for any operation, from elite commando and SWAT teams to everyday infantry use, and flexible work gloves for any climate. From the heat of the desert to frozen mountain and tundra, Camelbak Duty Gloves can handle it all. We carry a big selection of Camelbak gear, including Camelback Gloves and Camelbak Hydration Systems, all backed by our usual high-quality customer service as well as our guarantee of 100% customer satisfaction!

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Specifications for Camelback Magnum Force MP3 Military Gloves:

Dimensions: 11 in x 5 in x 1.5 in (279 mm x 127 mm x 38 mm)
Weight: 0.32 lbs (0.15 kg)
Materials: Two-way stretch Spandex with Carbon conductive anti-static fiber; Stretch Kodra; Clarino® synthetic leather; KEVLAR®®:
Padding: EVA padding w/ TPR (Thermal Plastic Rubber)
Wrist closure: Hook-and-loop (Velcro-style)
Cord: Polyester

Features of Camelbak Magnum Force Combat Gloves:

  • Knuckle protection reinforced with KEVLAR® fiber protects against tough impacts
  • TPR finger guards flex with movement
  • EVA-padded foam index finger pad protects without interfering with mobility
  • Tacky fingertips and thumb for extra grip and finger control
  • Abrasion-resistant palm heel reinforced with KEVLAR® fiber
  • Supple, breathable, durable Clarino palm provides firm grip
  • Two-way stretch Spandex padded top with conductive anti-static fiber provides snug fit

1-CamelBak Magnum Force MP3 Gloves - Black

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Roel - Add Reply

I used these for a civilian tactical training class and rapelling. Showed no wear after the five day class with constant use. The knuckle protectors saved me several scrapes. A little wear after a day of rapelling practice. Strongly recommended if need sturdy gloves that provide good potection. Very comfortable. Pros: Perfect fit, comfortable, wear resistant

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Rupert - Add Reply

These gloves feel high quality. I used to have a pair of Oakley assault gloves and these are similar. I like these better because they have more room between the index finger and thumb. I have big hands and the Camalbak gloves allow me a wider range of motion. I really like the palm material it gives a good grip on things. Good gloves. Pros: quality materials, well made, great fit Cons: none so far

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Bud - Add Reply

These gloves are very strong and well stitched. I have tried many different tactical gloves and these are the best so far. Only wish they had OD Green, Foliage, Coyote Brown and Tan. The 550 cord pull cord is one of the best features on the glove. You can pull hard to get them on with wet hands. The finger tips will last a long time. Well worth the money.

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Charley - Add Reply

This gloves are high quality, very comfortable and very durable. I got 2 pairs of gloves they take so much abuse on and off work and you can't even tell that you used them. Very comfortable to use with any weapons system.

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