CamelBak Vent Gloves, Black

Camelbak Vent Gloves are designed for hot and humid work environments, with a lightweight vented design. This is the lightest tactical glove ever made by CamelBak, yet like all Camelbak Specialty Series Gloves, it is also tough and durable, with serious grip. Made for shooting and for tasks requiring extra grip in hot climates and warm weather, the Camelbak Vent Combat Gloves is extra-light with a fully vented air mesh top that aids in transferring heat away from the hand. This Camelbak glove is built tough, with concealed interior seam stitching that enhances durability, especially around vulnerable fingertips.

The Camelback Vent Tactical Gloves are available in Black, with a full range of sizes to fit any hand.

CamelBak makes government and operator gloves designed for hard use in all conditions. Hot-weather gloves from Camelbak cover a range of conditions in the field. Camelbak makes deployment gloves and attack gloves for any operation, from elite commando and SWAT teams to everyday infantry use, and flexible combat gloves for any climate. From the heat of the desert to frozen mountain and tundra, Camelbak Combat Gloves can handle it all. We carry a big selection of Camelbak gear, including Camel-bak Gloves and Camelbak Hydration Systems, all backed by our usual high-quality customer service as well as our guarantee of 100% customer satisfaction!

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Specifications for Camelback Vent Military Gloves:

Material: Mesh top with 3% Carbon conductive anti-static fiber
Palm: Clarino Synthetic leather palm, Terry cloth cotton SNAP
Wrist closure: Hook-and-loop (Velcro-style)
Cuff cord loop: Polyamide

Features of Camelback Vent Specialty Series Gloves:

  • 2-Year Warranty
  • Applications: Shooting and tasks requiring extra grip in hot, humid situations or climates
  • Extra lightweight; an ideal shooting glove
  • Comfortable adjustable wristband
  • Wristband loop to store on D-ring
  • 3% carbon conductive anti-static fiber
  • Supple, breathable, durable Clarino synthetic leather palm provides firm grip
  • Concealed interior seam stitching enhances durability, especially around vulnerable fingertips
  • Fully vented air mesh top aids heat transfer away from hand
  • Completely machine washable
  • Clarino is a registered trademark of Kuraray Co. Ltd.

1-CamelBak Vent Gloves, Black

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Stanley - Add Reply

Love Camelback gloves. Never disappointed. Pros: Keeps hands cooler than other Camelback gloves Cons: Flying skull emblem is lame

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Arlo - Add Reply

This is definitely a warm weather climate or indoor range conditions shooting glove. It's for those who do a lot of shooting with handguns producing enough recoil so that the friction on your bare skin would otherwise cause blisters or just plain irritation from the forces involved. I use them when firing 9mm, .357 mags, .40 cal, .44 mags, etc. - not when shooting .22 LR. I will shoot 300 - 400 rounds of the larger rounds mentioned at a time, at least once a week. As any of you know, it's not just the shooting, it's also about loading the ammo in the clips that keep your hands busy. These are the only gloves I've used that are light and functional enough to permit me to do both without having to take them off to load the magazines, and can stand up to the wear and tear (shooting AND loading with them on) I subject them to. It's not that they don't wear out or's just that they last a reasonably good amount of time - around 2000 rounds worth or so - before it's time to replace them with a new set. They are not a heavy duty glove! They have a very flexible soft leather for the palms and the inner fingers and finger tips, and a nylon mesh fabric for the backs of the hands with a strong velcro strap fastener to secure them well at the top back of the wrist. Since they do wear out with that kind of punishment, I'll usually buy two pair at a time and reorder when I start on the second set. If you do a lot of shooting like this and don't mind spending... Read More...

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